I’m so glad you’re here (and one more step...)

In this age of incessant email and overflowing inboxes, an invitation to your inbox is a  privilege I do not take lightly. 

Your inbox is a sacred place*, and my primary intention is to keep it that way. 

I’ll be sending you my weekly Unraveling Light letters: insight, encouragement, and gentle action prompts to help you unravel uncertainty and map a clear path forward for your life, family & work. Nothing more. (And nothing less.)

That being said, there’s still one more step to take before you receive your first letter:

Slip on over to your inbox now and make sure to confirm your subscription through the link in the email I just sent over. 

With love,


*If your inbox isn’t feeling so sacred these days, I highly recommend Erica Midkiff’s (totally free) course: Consume Mindfully